About project

The Project of the Concert and Congress Centre of Antonin Dvorak, known mainly under the name STINGRAY, is a new multifunctional building. With its main function as a public, cultural and congressional center, it also allows for limited functions to secure this main purpose (ie: space, food, facilities, commercial areas).

The project contains a multifunctional concert and congress halls, as well as a foyer serving as the main entrance. All areas are accompanied by the required facilities for such activities including administrative, technological, warehousing and cloakrooms for the needs of artists and the public. Additionally, accompaniment is provided for all areas with secondary functions, including refreshment and commercial areas. The construction is completed with 581 parking places altogether, on both ground level and underground.

Formerly the barracks in the Four Courts, The Project location is facing southeast. Shaped as an irregular triangle, the plot of land has a base width of about 140m and length of 200m. The proposed architectural concept gently follows the landscape.